About the model

Wings in the form of a glass pane made of tempered glass with a thickness of 8mm.
The leaf is a glass pane made of safe, uniform or glued tempered glass, 8 mm thick, with holes for mounting:
» hinges and a lock in hinged doors
» shell handle and upper mounting brackets in sliding doors

2036 mm – height of turn glass wings
2054 mm – height of sliding glass wings
NOTE: Glass wings cannot be shortened.


Glass doors are used as interior doors in single and multi-family residential buildings, collective residence buildings and public utility buildings.


Glass door fittings
* In toilet locks, excluding GEZE locks, the terms “left” and “right” refer to the location of the toilet lock: “left lock” means that the lock will be on the outside of the door, while in the “right lock” the bathroom lock will be on the the inside of the door.


Technical data

Options at an additional cost: ventilation undercut in hinged doorsOptions at no extra charge

  • four types of glass to choose from: DECORMAT, DECORMAT BROWN, DECORMAT GRAPHITE and transparent glass


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