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Pre Finished, Pre Hung , Door Sets

Large range of internal doors sets

Sets includes a door leaf, frame, architraves, hinges and lock

Sizes from 600mm to 1000mm in width

Large range of colours and styles

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All door sets includes a door leaf, frame, architraves, hinges and lock can be bought for less than the cost of some doors which are on sale here in Ireland.  The doors come in different styles. For example the ‘EMENA’ Door has stiles and rails which are made from MDF with 4mm thick glass pane inserts. In the ‘TIZANO’ door the rails are made from softwood and MDF board. All door sets comes in a large range of colours and are all pre finished in the factory so fitting the doors in a new build house can be one of the last things you do after you have the house painted. There are folding and sliding options available. We also have obscure glass doors where more light is needed. Most of the door leaves come in standard sizes from 600mm to 1000mm in width. There are also side panels available in different styles to match any of the doors.


We stock a wide range of modern handles from a number of top manufacturers including Metal Bud who are a leading manufacturer of door handles, doorknobs, faces, lock inserts and accessories. We offer dozens of different patterns, finishes and types of Handles, Thumb turns, key plates and other products. We supply high-quality products: door handles, doorknobs, peep-holes, hinges, faces, holders, door latches and many other products, designed and produced from top quality materials. All handles and other products are available in a number of different finishes and numerous styles to suit the modern taste