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Standard option

  • door leaf frame made of softwood
  • core made of „honeycomb”
  • glass pane white bark 4 mm thick

Option without additional charge

  • glass pane „chinchila” or „window blind”
  • ventilation sleeves
  • three hinges – applies to rebated door leaf

Rebated door leaf

  • “karnies” edge, rounded glazing bar, profiled 19mm MDF panel
    fig. 1
  • 2 silver screw-in pivot hinges
  • single-point mortise lock for simple key, for bathroom lock, for
    cylinder lock or economic lock

Non-rebated door leaf (extra charge)

  • edge without rebate, flat glazing bar, 19 mm MDF profiled panels
    fig. 2
  • sockets for 2 hidden concealed Estetic 80 hinges (non-rebated
    door frames are equipped with hinges)
  • magnetic lock for simple key, for bathroom lock, for cylinder lock
    or economic lock

Sliding system door leaf

  • edge without rebate, rounded glazing bar or flat glazing bar,
    profiled 19 mm MDF panel fig. 3
  • socket for hook lock and/or for handles

Option Available with Extra Charge

    GRAPHITE (applies to door leaf) FANO 20, 20s
    FANO 30, 30s
  • white frost VSG 22.1 safe, complex glass pane
    FANO 20, 20s
    FANO 30, 30s
  • core made of perforated chipboard
  • non-rebated door leaf
  • door leaf „90” and „100”
  • ventilation undercut
  • plastic ventilation grille
  • aluminum ventilation grille
  • cover-up strip for double leaf non-rebated door
  • double leaf door leaf price x2

NOTE: third hinge Estetic 80 for non-rebated doors (extra
payment is added to the price of the door frame)

Additional information


Fano 10, Fano 20, Fano 20s, Fano 30, Fano 30s


Cell veneer


Alder P R W Tech Cell, Ash, Beech P R W Tech Cell, Calvados P R W Tech Cell, Dark wenge, Elm, Elm anthracite, Golden oak, Golden oak textured, Grand oak, Polish oak 3D, Sand oak, Siberian elm, Silver, Vintage oak, Walnut american, Walnut caramel, Walnut P R W Tech Cell, White (wood grain structure), White mat, White pine


Decormat Brown, Decormat Graphite, Mat Dre


100 cm, 60 cm, 70 cm, 80cm, 90 cm

Adjustable Door Frame - Architrave Joining angle

45 degrees, 90 degrees

Adjustable Door Frame - Architrave Width:


Adjustable Door Frame - Wall Thickness

120-140 mm, 140-160 mm, 160-180 mm, 180-200 mm, 200-220 mm, 220-240 mm, 240-260 mm, 260-280 mm, 280-300 mm, 300-320 mm, 75-95 mm, 95-115 mm

Bathroom Options

Holes under sleeves, n/a, Ventilation Undercut


Honeycomb filling

Hinge Side

Hinge Side Left, Hinge Side Right

Number of Hinges

0 Hinges, 2 Hinges, 3 Hinges

Type of Lock

Economy lock, None, Patent Insert, Toilet Lock


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