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Standard option

  • door leaf painted with acrylic UV varnish
  • stiles and rails made of MDF
  • glass pane MAT DRE 4 mm thick
  • profiled 19mm MDF panels

Option without additional charge

  • glass pane DECORMAT BROWN, DECORMAT GRAPHITE and transparent glass pane
  • holes for ventilation sleeves

Option Available with Extra Charge

  • steel ventilation sleeves
  • plastic ventilation sleeves
  • non-rebated door leaf
  • door leaf „90” and „100”
  • ventilation undercut
  • cover-up strip for double leaf non-rebated door
  • double leaf door leaf price x2

NOTE: third hinge Estetic 80 for non-rebated doors (extra
payment is added to the price of the door frame)

Rebated door leaf

  • straight edge fig. 1
  • 3 silver screw-in pivot hinges
  • single-point mortise lock for simple key, for bathroom lock, for cylinder lock or economic lock

Non-Rebated door leaf(extra charge)

  • edge without rebate fig. 2
  • sockets for 2 hidden concealed Estetic 80 hinges (non-rebated door frames are equipped with hinges)
  • magnetic lock for simple key, for bathroom lock, for cylinder lock or economic lock

Sliding door leaf

  • edge without rebate fig. 2
  • socket for hook lock and/or for handles

NOTE: It is required to use together with BERGE rebated door leaf
model door frames equipped with 3 hinges.

  • straight edge
  • edge without rebate

To ensure the highest quality of painted products, before painting process,
both, door leaf and door frames are coated with special material which
constitues solid base.

Additional information


Berge 1, Berge 2, Berge 3, Berge 4, Berge 5, Berge 6, Berge 7


Lacquered HDF board


Ashen, Ecru, Latte, White


Decormat Brown, Decormat Graphite, Transparent


100 cm, 60 cm, 70 cm, 80cm, 90 cm

Adjustable Door Frame - Architrave Joining angle

45 degrees, 90 degrees

Adjustable Door Frame - Architrave Width:


Adjustable Door Frame - Wall Thickness

120-140 mm, 140-160 mm, 160-180 mm, 180-200 mm, 200-220 mm, 220-240 mm, 240-260 mm, 260-280 mm, 280-300 mm, 300-320 mm, 75-95 mm, 95-115 mm

Bathroom Options

Holes under sleeves, n/a, Ventilation Undercut


MDF Board filling

Hinge Side

Hinge Side Left, Hinge Side Right

Number of Hinges

0 Hinges, 2 Hinges, 3 Hinges

Type of Lock

Economy lock, None, Patent Insert, Toilet Lock


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