Skirting with LED – 80mm – Per Running Meter




Our Skirting Boards with LED is a decorative element that is mounted between the wall and the floor. The large length of the skirting board, as much as 207 cm, allows for quick and efficient installation with a minimum number of connections. MDF skirting boards are popular in the market of finishing materials due to their affordable price and good quality. The skirting board is ideal for installation in an apartment or office space. The most popular are white skirting boards. Colorful skirting boards, such as black, gray or anthracite, give the interior elegance and character. On the other hand, skirting boards in colors imitating natural wood give the interior warmth and an original tone. Skirting boards in oak colors often create a harmonious whole with furniture and doors. The skirting board ensures the completeness of the interior,



  • The MDF skirting board has a structure that is easy to install, so that everyone can easily attach it to the wall.
  • The aesthetic appearance of the skirting board brings neatness and exclusivity to the interior design. MDF skirting board can be attached to any wall. The main thing is to keep it simple.
  • Quite high resistance of MDF to moisture allows the material to be used in rooms with a slightly higher level of humidity. However, direct ingress of water must still be ruled out. Installation of MDF skirting boards should not be performed in rooms with high humidity. It is not recommended to install an MDF plinth in a bathroom or laundry room.
  • The products have a certain flexibility, so they can be attached even on a slightly curved surface. However, we do not recommend fixing the batten to a curved surface, since the disadvantage of products made of this material can be called instability to cracking, that is, they can be easily broken by hand. Therefore, when installing, proceed carefully, without applying excessive force.


  • The slats are waterproof and washable. Thanks to this, there is no fear that the strips will be damaged during cleaning works,
  • The veneer is highly resistant to dirt, damage and the influence of moisture and UV radiation causing the veneer to turn yellow,
  • The strips can mask cables aesthetically,
  • High-quality MDF material guarantees a long service life.


  • Due to the possibility of damaging the edges of the slats during transport, the slats are not formatted. Therefore, we add a free 7 cm to each strip. The edges of the slats can be trimmed on their own.
  • The slats are shipped in 207 cm sections
  • Pay attention to what you buy – our skirting boards are 16 or 12 mm thick. Don’t fall for the slimmed down slats. Always check what you are buying! Compare the thickness of the slats. EVERY MILLIMETER IS IMPORTANT.
  • In order to verify the color of the skirting board, we recommend that you buy 1 meter as a sample.
  • The width of the cutter for the LED strip in the LED strips is 1 cm.
  • The varnished strip is initially covered with a basic veneer, and then varnished, which provides additional protection against the negative effects of UV radiation (discoloration).


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