Baldur 1

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• rebated, non-rebated or reverse door leaf
• internal timber stile (sides and top, boŸom -MDF) covered with two HDF boards
• honeycomb stabilising filling or solid core filling for an additional charge
• optionally, upon extra charge, upper panels extending the frame – page 134

• HDF board in PREMIUM or CPL laminate
• leaf edge made in the standard rebated or non-rebated technology with CPL 0.2 laminates,
laminated with the ABS edging, and in the same colour as the leaf only or, for an additional
charge, with a standard black edge
• reverse door leaf only in with the STANDARD edge and with the GREKO, PREMIUM and ST CPL
• the edge laminated in the same colour as the door leaf surface or, optionally, in plain black
(NATUR OAK PREMIUM HORIZONTAL, black edge with a transverse structure) black, partial
edge finish (two vertical and a top one) and by the glass.
• door-leaf BALDUR 1 rebated and non-rebated only for the WHITE ST CPL decor made
optionally in the soft technology NEW (no visible longitudinal laminate joints),
requiring the use of a solid core at an extra charge
• the BALDUR 1 sliding systems have a visible 17 mm high aluminium or black coloured profile in
the lower part of the glass pane

• three pin mortise hinges in a rebated door leaf
• three concealed hinges in the non-adjacent leaf and two hinges in the reverse leaf in silver
(black for an extra charge); hinges are supplied and priced with the door frame
• a deadbolt lock in the rebated door leaf and a key-locked magnetic lock in the non-rebated
and reverse door leaves, thumb turn cylinder, economy or silver with a blockade or,
optionally, for an additional charge, a black magnetic lock

• BALDUR 1, 3: 8 mm tempered frosted glass or VSG/ESG 441 safety glass, frosted or black,
smooth on both sides

reverse door leaf NEW
(unavailable for CPL 0,2 and for BALDUR 1 with SOFT edge)
solid core filling
ventilation cut
“100” rebated and non-rebated door leaf
frosted or black VSG/ESG 441 glazing
metal hinge casings in the rebated door leaf (brushed nickel, patina, polished chrome, polished
brass, white or black)
black door leaf edge finish
can be replaced with a black magnetic lock for non-rebated and reverse leaves
magnetic stop (buffer) NEW
(available in six colours p. 132)

Additional information

Adjustable Door Frame - Architrave Joining angle

45 degrees, 90 degrees

Adjustable Door Frame - Architrave Width:


Bathroom Options

Ventilation Undercut


100 cm, 60 cm, 70 cm, 80cm, 90 cm

Door Leaf

Non-Rebated Door Leaf, Pocket, Rebated Door Leaf, Sliding


CPL laminate, Lacquered, Premium Erkado Finish

Hinge Side

Hinge Side Left, Hinge Side Right

Number of Hinges

3 Hinges

Type of Lock

Economy lock, Patent Insert, Simple Key Lock, Toilet Lock

Adjustable Door Frame - Wall Thickness

100-120mm, 120-140 mm, 140-160 mm, 160-180 mm, 180-200mm, 200-220mm, 220-240mm, 240-260 mm, 260-280 mm, 280-300mm, 80-100mm


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