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• Rebated, non-rebated or reverse door leaf
• MDF stiles and rails covered with two HDF boards in GREKO and FINISH laminates
• Internal timber stile (sides and top, boŸom -MDF) covered with two HDF boards in CPL and
• Honeycomb stabilising filling or solid core filling for an additional charge
• Optionally, upon extra charge, upper panels extending the frame – page 134
• Laminated HDF board
• Door leaf edge made in the SOFT (FINISH & GREKO) or the STANDARD (FINISH, GREKO,
PREMIUM & CPL) technology
• CPL 0.2 & 0.7 laminates available only with the STANDARD edge with the ABS edging in the
same colour as the door leaf only or, for an additional charge, with a standard black edge
• Reverse door leaf only in the STANDARD edge and in GREKO, PREMIUM and ST CPL decors
• Edge (in standard or non-rebated finish) laminated in edging in the same colour as the
surface or, optionally, in plain black (black edging with NATUR OAK PREMIUM HORIZONTAL, a
black edge with a transverse structure)
• For ALTAMURA 1 double-sided inlays available for an additional charge, as shown on pages

• Three pin mortise hinges in a rebated door leaf
• Three concealed hinges in the non-adjacent leaf and two hinges in the reverse leaf in silver
(black for an extra charge); hinges are supplied and priced with the door frame
• A deadbolt lock in the rebated door leaf and a key-locked magnetic lock in the non-rebated
and reverse door leaves, thumb turn cylinder, economy or silver with a blockade or,
optionally, for an additional charge, a black magnetic lock

• Frosted Decormat glass as standard, transparent or, charged extra, frosted VSG 221 safety
glass, smooth on both sides
• Possibility to change the glazing side to REVERSE (OBVERSE – standard glazing)

Additional information

Adjustable Door Frame - Architrave Joining angle

45 degrees

Adjustable Door Frame - Architrave Width:


100 cm, 110cm, 60 cm, 65cm, 70 cm, 75cm, 80cm, 85cm, 90 cm, 95cm

Door Leaf

Double Opening Doors, Double Pocket Door Leaf, Double Pocket Doors with System, Double Sliding Doors with system, Non-Rebated Door Leaf, Rebated Door Leaf, Reverse Door Leaf, Single Pocket Door Leaf, Single Pocket Door with system, Single Sliding Door with system

Hinge Side

Hinge Side Left, Hinge Side Right

Number of Hinges

3 Hinges

Type of Lock

Economy lock, Patent Insert, Simple Key Lock, Toilet Lock

Adjustable Door Frame - Wall Thickness

100-120mm, 120-140mm, 140-160mm, 160-180mm, 180-200mm, 200-220mm, 220-240mm, 240-260mm, 260-280mm, 280-300mm, 300-320mm, 320-340mm, 340-360mm, 360-380mm, 380-400mm, 400-420mm, 420-440mm, 440-460mm, 460-480mm, 480-500mm, 500-520mm, 80-100mm


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